The facility management services provided by Thuys can be divided into four main services: The Thuys Kiosk (which offers coffee, lunch and snacks to staff and guests, but which also serves as a reception area), cleaning service, our ‘handyman’ who provides support with both technical and non-technical problems and jobs within your organisation and, finally, our other services.

The Thuys Kiosk is the core element of our services. We love to do more for you and offer supplementary services such as cleaning, handyman and building management.

Reception & catering

Thuys supplies a representative and hospitable Thuys staff member (host/hostess). This Thuys staff member welcomes visitors and, if required, can also perform other work, such as answering the telephone, accepting packages and mail items and small administrative tasks. The Thuys staff member will also provide catering, offering:

  • Tasty and healthy handmade sandwiches, fresh and varied every day;
  • Various speciality coffees and tea;
  • Soup, smoothies and fruit juices;
  • Healthy salads;
  • Savoury and sweet snacks;
  • On request: appetizers, meeting lunches and take-out lunches.

We provide varied, seasonal menus. The products used by the Thuys Kiosk are fresh every day. All of our Thuys staff have attended a special food safety course and our food safety is also checked by Sensz (independent organisation), which guarantees food safety.


Thuys can also provide cleaning services, for a clean and fresh building. Thuys can clean both communal areas and tenants' offices. The cleaning (partially) takes place during the day, because experience has shown that this has a positive effect on the behaviour of tenants and cleaning staff. It is also cost-effective (you won't pay a morning surcharge). We will also clean the sanitary facilities and if required, can clean windows (indoors and/or outdoors).

  • Guaranteed clean, with a result-orientated approach;
  • The corridors, the sanitary facilities and the communal areas are cleaned every single working day;
  • The cleaning staff will check all areas on the cleaning rota three times a week.


The Handyman is an supplementary service to the Thuys Kiosk. Our handyman will support you with:

  • Small-scale electrical work
  • Small-scale painting jobs
  • Small relocations and after-care
  • Hanging up whiteboards/paintings
  • Various projects

Other services

  • Supply and maintenance of coffee machines;
  • Events and catering;
  • Building management;
  • Maintenance of the building and installations;
  • Window cleaning;
  • Landscaping indoor/outdoor areas;
  • Office supplies, dry cleaning, cake and flowers service;
  • Mobility, shared cars, mobility cards, fleet management.

Contact us about the possibilities

Are you wondering whether a “Thuys” solution would be suitable for your (multi-tenant) office? We can tell you everything about Thuys and would be happy to look at the various options for using our innovative concept at your office. Because there's no place like home…