Mar 17, 2017

ROI facility BV (part of the ROI group BV from Naarden) developed an innovative integrated facility concept with a vision: "Thuys” at the office. “Thuys” is an old Dutch word that stands for “at home”.

In order to answer the question, especially from medium-sized organizations, how the office environment can be more fun, better, smarter and cheaper, ROI facility has developed an integral facility concept focused on organizations from 75 to a few hundred employees. In this comprehensive concept, called "Thuys", the 5 core services of the office building (or facilities) are included. It is about catering, cleaning, coffee, hospitality/reception and the one who has to arrange it all, the Thuysholder.

Apart from the financial and indirect improvements, Thuys is giving a lot more. Thuys has been specifically developed for mid-sized organizations that want to offer their employees and visitors more service and experience at low and predictable costs, perfectly suited to this time.

With Thuys at the office, something changes in the experience of the office environment. From "work at the office" the feeling is "coming home at the office". By placing the modern, modular and durable Thuyskiosk in the lobby, something new is added to the average office space in the Netherlands. Staffed by hospitable and proactive Thuyshouder(s), the staff and visitors are spoiled by the Thuyskiosk with excellent coffee and tea variations, fresh craft sandwiches, fresh juices and smoothies, home-made soup and healthy refreshments. Everything daily fresh and daily changing.

During the pilot it became clear that a modified version of Thuys is also very suitable for multi-tenant office buildings. With Thuys, the landlord / owner provides an important additional service and experience to his (potential) tenants and thus a better position on the rental market.