Mar 17, 2017

Recently, at the request of a reputable real estate investor, Thuysopkantoor (Home At The Office) has investigated the possibility of the Thuys concept on a recently acquired office building (multi-tenant) in Amsterdam. In the building of approximately 5,000 m2 is a reception desk with a (external hired) receptionist in the central hall. The combination of a welcoming reception and a matching catering concept offers this investor added value to existing and new tenants, which in turn makes their employees and guests happy with the additional services. In addition, the business case, which was investigated by Thuys, was validated by the building manager. This business case research, which we conducted free of charge, showed that the investment in the Thuys concept will be fully recovered by the lower monthly operating costs. The potential other benefits, such as more satisfied tenants staying longer, easier attracting new tenants and possibly higher rental income, we do not even count, but may be even more important!