Positive news

Recently, at the request of a reputable real estate investor, Thuysopkantoor (Home At The Office) has investigated the possibility of the Thuys concept on a recently acquired office building (multi-tenant) in Amsterdam. In the building of approximately 5,000 m2 is a reception desk with a (external hired) receptionist in the central hall.

Press release from Thuys

ROI facility BV (part of the ROI group BV from Naarden) developed an innovative integrated facility concept with a vision: "Thuys” at the office. “Thuys” is an old Dutch word that stands for “at home”.

Coming home at the office

Thuys is a completely new facility concept, initially designed for companies with 50 - 350 employees. Soon, the Thuys concept also appeared to be particularly suitable for multi-tenant buildings. The idea behind Thuys is that in every office environment there is a need for facility support, think of hospitality, lunch, coffee, cleaning and coordination.