What is Thuys?

Thuys is Old Dutch for “at home”. And that is precisely the feeling we want to create at the (multi-tenant) office buildings. Thuys is there for you. As far as possible, we want to give you, your staff, guests and suppliers the ‘Thuys feeling’.

We believe that the services we provide make the difference between ‘working at the office’ and ‘Coming home at the office’. Thuys is an integrated facility management concept, developed to provide an answer to the question: “How can an office environment become nicer, easier and more sustainable?”

Thuys creates distinctiveness, which increases the appeal of your own office or multi-tenant premises. That leads to more tenants staying for longer, who are prepared to pay more rent for the ambience and services offered by Thuys. The Thuys services will also make your employees happy. At fair prices, your employees can enjoy our delicious lunch and other specialities.

What does Thuys do?

Reception and catering facilities are the two core functions of Thuys. Our Thuys Kiosk plays a pivotal role in that. From the Thuys Kiosk, our Thuys staff provide both a hospitable welcome and this also acts as a reception area. Our staff also prepare delicious coffee, fresh sandwiches, healthy salads and smoothies for your employees and for guests. A nice seating area is created around the kiosk which provides a cosy and multifunctional space.

The Thuys Kiosk can be expanded with the supplementary services offered by Thuys. From building management to landscaping, from catering to events and from cleaning to handyman activities. We can even organise mobility on your behalf; from fleet management to mobility cards and shared cars/bicycles.

Costs of our facility management services
Through the clever combination of reception and catering tasks, we can offer the Thuys concept for a fixed low monthly price. In all business cases in which we have been involved, our costs were even lower than those of an external receptionist or security guard.

We offer you the additional services at a very competitive price, meaning we can achieve extra benefits for you. This is partially because of our size, which allows us to reach better agreements with the preferred suppliers.

Thuys staff (m/f)

Our Thuys staff are crucial to our services. These motivated people really do make the difference and are responsible for a high level of customer satisfaction.

The Head of Thuys is the central point of contact for all Thuys services that we provide within your organisation. In addition, the Head of Thuys manages the co-workers and suppliers. Hospitality and services run in the blood of all of our staff: they work independently and are more than happy to shoulder responsibility.

Why Thuys?

  • Reception and catering facilities from the Thuys Kiosk
  • Enthusiastic and welcoming Thuys staff
  • Results in happy employees
  • Visitors receive a hospitable welcome
  • Distinctiveness for new and existing tenants
  • Lower costs than just reception/security
  • Modular concept, aimed at a total solution

Contact us about the possibilities

Are you wondering whether a 'Coming Home at the Office' total solution would be suitable for your office? We can tell you everything about Thuys and would be happy to look at the various options for using our innovative concept at your office. Because there's no place like home…