"Coming home at the office, a total solution"

We believe that the services we provide make the difference between ‘working at the office’ and ‘Coming home at the office’.

Reception & catering facilities from the Thuys Kiosk

Thuys (Old Dutch term for “at home”) is an integrated facility management concept, developed to provide an answer to the question: “How can an (multi-tenant) office environment become nicer, easier and more sustainable?”

Reception and catering facilities are the two core functions of Thuys and the Thuys Kiosk is pivotal to our services. From the Thuys Kiosk, our Thuys staff provide a hospitable welcome and this also acts as a reception area. Our staff also prepare delicious coffee, fresh sandwiches, healthy salads and smoothies for your employees and for guests to your (multi-tenant) offices.

Additional services at the Thuys Kiosk

The Thuys Kiosk is pivotal to our services. You can also benefit from our supplementary facility management services:


Clean premises are guaranteed with the services provided by Thuys. Daily cleaning, including sanitary facilities and, if required, window cleaning.


Purchase our job subscription for a well-kept workplace. Our ‘handyman’ provides support with various jobs, such as small-scale painting, electrics and other projects.

Other services

If required, Thuys can also supply and maintain coffee machines, building management, window cleaning, landscaping, fleet & mobility management and more!

News & Updates

Positive news

Recently, at the request of a reputable real estate investor, Thuysopkantoor (Home At The Office) has investigated the possibility of the Thuys concept on a recently acquired office building (multi-tenant) in Amsterdam. In the building of approximately 5,000 m2 is a reception desk with a (external hired) receptionist in the central hall.

Press release from Thuys

ROI facility BV (part of the ROI group BV from Naarden) developed an innovative integrated facility concept with a vision: "Thuys” at the office. “Thuys” is an old Dutch word that stands for “at home”.

Coming home at the office

Thuys is a completely new facility concept, initially designed for companies with 50 - 350 employees. Soon, the Thuys concept also appeared to be particularly suitable for multi-tenant buildings. The idea behind Thuys is that in every office environment there is a need for facility support, think of hospitality, lunch, coffee, cleaning and coordination.

Why Thuys?

  • Reception and catering facilities from the Thuys Kiosk
  • Enthusiastic and welcoming Thuys staff
  • Results in happy employees
  • Visitors receive a hospitable welcome
  • Distinctiveness for new and existing tenants
  • Lower costs than just reception/security
  • Modular concept, aimed at a total solution